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Our country girl today has wed,

The young man of her dreams

Joining together our families

Like the merging of two streams


As their river flows along life’s path

And finds its winding way

The ebb and flow of history tells

Much learned about this day


As young and hopeful we were once

Of all life would behold

The years stretched out, quite infinite

And glistened bright as gold


For no journey worth the taking

Is ever trouble free;

There’ll be rapids, rocks and waterfalls

To test your buoyancy


Strike your oars in unison

And plot your course with care

Enjoy the views, soak in the sun

Breathe deep the loving air


In times of drought when rains don’t fall

The winds of change may blow

Hold fast onto this love you have

For a new day in which to grow


A captain’s call might be quite tough

As Titanic wills collide

Diplomacy, some give and take

Help breach this great divide


There is no secret to success

On this journey begun today

Laughter, love and honesty

Surely help along the way


Be the best that you can be

True friends forever stay

Always live the memories

Of the joy you shared today


And should you be so lucky

As your Dad and I have been

To raise a family such as ours

And survived the years between!



At journeys end, when day is done

Time for rest and calm

May you always find unending peace and

Safe harbour in each other’s arms

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