Calderbrae Girls

Calderbrae Girls

Author: Jacqui/Thursday, November 22, 2018/Categories: Poet's corner

We love our girls at Calderbrae

Their breeding is our passion

The colour choice of black & white

Inspired by Derby fashion

Or could it be a football team

Of shades in the same hue

Roscoes Maggies may wobble at the crunch

But he’s loyal and true blue

Now naming rights are my domain

Compiled with wit and flair

Of history, wine and music themes

Sometimes quite debonair!

Johnno’s red calf was named Beaujolais

A Talent son of Beauty

But of all the gifts that DJ has

Spellings not in his skill booty

Toscanini was from a Tossette

And Liedertafel was of Limerick

But only my musician brothers

Knew the fun in this name trick

There’s been Dolces’ and Dolcettos

Sonatas and a Salome

Largo, Largamente and Libretto

Isolde and Vivace

Now we know the day will one day come

When we will need to rest

But hope our little name regime

Puts Leslies diction to the test

At sunrise in the morning

And sunset at end of day

As contented cows graze heartily

Their fill of grass and hay

And their gently nuzzling offspring

Start to settle for the night

We’re homeward bound and weary

As we trudge in fading light

In quiet moments of reflection

As we pause in gratitude

Clean air we breathe, good food and health

And the path we have pursued

For the ones we love the best of all,

Though not of bovine kind

Are the ones who come and fill your fridge

To help in troubled times

They come with cakes and bickies,

A casserole or stew

Some flowers, wine or chocolates

And will share a glass or two

Sometimes they’re in their finery

At others in gumboots

They’ll don a shabby milking gown

Or flash blue boilersuit

Among the cows you share the trials

Of a fickle industry

Of balancing books, and kids and blokes

And finding time for me

They’ve been known to dehorn heifers

While their Dads laid up in bed

Nursing ribs not spared the anger

Of a raging bull, now dead!

They are our mothers and our sisters,

Our daughters and our friends

Who hold us up, through thick and thin

Our angels and godsends

So it seemed the timing might be right

To acknowledge and applaud

Ere they walk on legs of two or four

Their contributions we now laud

We love them all, from young to old

In fact - to bits and pieces

So let’s celebrate and raise aloft

The female of the species

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